Monday, May 14th, 2012

The Randle Thomas Story

written by Max Andrew Dubinsky

This is the story of Randle. A failed actor who can’t hold down a steady job, is in a relationship he can’t keep track of, and at the age of 28, has just met his dead father for the very first time.


– Joe Bunting, The Write Practice

“Just read [Dubinsky’s] The Randle Thomas Story in a public place.
Big mistake considering my loud gasp and “OH MYYYY GOSHHHH!”

– @_YouAreLoved_

“Read Max Dubinsky’s The Randle Thomas Story. My first [and] only response is: whoa …”

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Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Sex Drive

written & directed by Max Andrew Dubinsky
Oasis Ministries


Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Finding Truth In Fiction: The Power of Creative Storytelling

written by Max Andrew Dubinsky

“You write a lot on damaged and dysfunctional people,” one critic pointed out after reading the short story, 31 Days of May. He wanted to know what appeals to me in that sort of storytelling.

“I write what I know,” I told him.

Life is ugly. Life is broken. And therein lies its beauty. We live in a fallen world where redemption lies in being broken. That’s why I write about it.

The best stories are full of darkness. Take a look at the Bible, for example. The most religious book in our culture is full of rape, murder, incest, betrayal, sex, adultery, violence, and war. And in the end, through all of that, someone trades his life to save the lives of many. No wonder it still leaves such an impact.

Originally published by goinswriter.com Continue reading here.


Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

We Are Our Fathers’ Children, But We Are Not Their Choices

written by Max Andrew Dubinsky

“The mystery I saw shrouding my father back then still hangs around today. Only today it’s because I always suspect the truth is being manipulated in our conversations because he’s afraid. Because he keeps what he’s done wrong in the dark. And in the dark, everything seems worse than it is. Sometimes talking to my father can be like navigating a minefield when all I’ve ever wanted it to be is a place of comfort; a place to step without having to look first

I never received male encouragement from my father, and my first two male friends tormented me, locked me in sheds, and left me alone to parish in the woods at dusk every night we played together. So I went looking for encouragement in all the worst places. In all the places I knew I could get it. I got mad. Then I got pretty good at drinking, and telling women what they wanted to hear. By the time I was seventeen, I knew how to get all the encouragement I needed.”

Originally published by Deeper Story on June, 16 2011. Continue reading here.


Monday, May 7th, 2012

I Know Who I’m Not

Written by Max Andrew Dubinsky

“…We are labeled a lot of things in this life, and it starts the moment we are born. Maybe this is why we come into the world crying. Because deep down inside we know we are innocent and we want to stay that way, but everyone is already assuming the worst about us. And we are defenseless. We believe we are a product of our environment rather than the product of intelligent design and love. All it takes it one mistake in the gym class to be labeled a ‘wimp,’ and a ‘fag.’ “

Originally published by People of the Second Chance on Jan, 13 2012. Continue reading here.


Sunday, May 6th, 2012

A Letter To My Future Son

by Max Andrew Dubinsky

“…I will tell you it’s okay to bring flowers on the first date, and to call her the next day instead of waiting three. I will teach you to tie a tie, and shave with deliberate strokes. I will teach you to respect women, to honor them, and to learn from them. They will teach you things that I cannot. They’re holding tighter to our hearts than they will ever realize. And you will learn this not through my words, but during the moment when she squeezes too hard. It will hurt. But broken is just experience for the best of hearts.

This is no reason not to love, not to risk. If we are not loving nor taking risks, we’re not truly living.
So carve your heart onto the page with your pen.

And with that same hand, protect the heart of the woman your name has been written on and given to you to hold.”

Originally published by The Good Men Project on Jan, 5 2012. Continue reading here.


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