A Letter To My Future Son

by Max Andrew Dubinsky

“…I will tell you it’s okay to bring flowers on the first date, and to call her the next day instead of waiting three. I will teach you to tie a tie, and shave with deliberate strokes. I will teach you to respect women, to honor them, and to learn from them. They will teach you things that I cannot. They’re holding tighter to our hearts than they will ever realize. And you will learn this not through my words, but during the moment when she squeezes too hard. It will hurt. But broken is just experience for the best of hearts.

This is no reason not to love, not to risk. If we are not loving nor taking risks, we’re not truly living.
So carve your heart onto the page with your pen.

And with that same hand, protect the heart of the woman your name has been written on and given to you to hold.”

Originally published by The Good Men Project on Jan, 5 2012. Continue reading here.


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