Dislocated Novella

written by Max Andrew Dubinsky

“A humorously demented tale.”
“A roller coaster with no brakes.”
“A whirlwind thriller that’s got ‘movie’ written all over it.”
-amazon.com reviews

Plagued with insomnia and a killer hangover, William Scott – grocery store clerk and disgraced computer hacker – awakens from an alcohol-induced blackout to discover something horrific has occurred in his sleepy hometown. He drags himself out of bed to face the day, spits out a few bloody teeth, and it’s a downward spiral from there. His beloved, Valerie, has just left a panicked series of messages on his phone about evacuating before it’s too late. Clumsily investigating what happened while he slept, he discovers it is, in fact, too late, and he’s all alone to face an insidious threat lurking in the silence outside.

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