Trifecta Challenge: No More Sad Days

No More Sad Days
Originally Published on April 5, 2012
Second Place Winner in the weekly Trifecta Challenge

Note: The following is my submission to Trifecta’s weekly one-word prompt where the writer is asked to use the word in its third definition, in a 33 to 333 word response. This week’s word is brain.

brain (noun) 3: something that performs the functions of a brain; especially an automatic device (as a computer) for control or computation

— —

“This isn’t going to hurt a bit,” he lied.

Her time had come. She’d been on the wait list since January.

“An artifact,” her mother had said, stroking her hair before bed. “My darling artifact. I cannot wait to see you smile.”

Original memories were so last summer.

She walked around with a frown. She was upside-down to everyone else’s right- side up. That’s what gave her away. She rarely smiled.

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