We Are Our Fathers’ Children, But We Are Not Their Choices

written by Max Andrew Dubinsky

“The mystery I saw shrouding my father back then still hangs around today. Only today it’s because I always suspect the truth is being manipulated in our conversations because he’s afraid. Because he keeps what he’s done wrong in the dark. And in the dark, everything seems worse than it is. Sometimes talking to my father can be like navigating a minefield when all I’ve ever wanted it to be is a place of comfort; a place to step without having to look first

I never received male encouragement from my father, and my first two male friends tormented me, locked me in sheds, and left me alone to parish in the woods at dusk every night we played together. So I went looking for encouragement in all the worst places. In all the places I knew I could get it. I got mad. Then I got pretty good at drinking, and telling women what they wanted to hear. By the time I was seventeen, I knew how to get all the encouragement I needed.”

Originally published by Deeper Story on June, 16 2011. Continue reading here.


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