We Can’t Go Home Again

Written by Max Andrew Dubinsky

“[Dubinsky]…beautifully paints a poignant story of redemption, forgiveness, and home. He provides an avenue of sober self-examination and exploration…navigating through shades of gray as he takes you on a journey of honest, raw healing. A must read.” -Ashley Smith, People of the Second Chance

“This book will simultaneously give you hope and leave you wrecked. This is the most raw, emotion-inducing, powerful writing I have read in a long time, maybe ever. The stories are short, but you will find yourself unable to get them out of your mind for a long time afterwards.” – Valerie Hafer

Within this collection of short fiction asking if any of us are beyond forgiveness is a landscape of human angst and pain in search of redemption. A college student’s sexual addiction leads to a family tragedy. A group of anarchists living on the road fall under the control of a violent leader waiting for the world to end. A young man crosses the country in an attempt to make right the decision he made choosing between the life of the woman he loved and the life of his unborn child. And two strangers who meet during a deadly traffic accident discover the greatest injuries inflicted upon us are not of the flesh, but of the heart. In this collection of short fiction woven together by human nature’s desperate desire to connect, We Can’t Go Home Again follows the lives of the broken, the lost, and the tortured soul seeking a second chance and forgiveness.


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